Sir Lanval's Dream
Sir Lanval's Dream

Based on a colourful ancient poem written by Marie de France, “Sir Lanval’s Dream” portrays scenes described in the poem. The earliest version of the colourful story dates from the 12th century.  Set in the court of King Arthur, it tells of a passionate secret romance between a knight and a fairy, reversing the roles of a knight in shining armour rescuing a damsel in distress.  At the dramatic climax of the tale, it is the fairy mistress who saves the knight..!!

This is part of an Anglo-French collaboration involving 10 artists from the U.K, and 10 from France.  The brief was for each artist to paint their own interpretation of the poem in their own style. It is intended that the 20 or more pieces ( because some artists will be producing two ), will be shown in two venues in France, and two venues in the U.K. starting in the Chateau de Comper in June 2010, followed by a venue in Rennes, and then on to Chagford and Exeter.

It is also intended to produce a film based on the poem made by the Chagford Filmmaking Group        


Acrylic on Canvas) 40 x30 - 2010