Magpie fairy
Magpie Fairy

I enjoyed painting this work, which I think of as the "Magpie Fairy" because just as the bird is attracted to bright shiny objects which he collects, so to my fairy has been attracted to various everyday objects.

Discarded as rubbish, or accidentally lost, she finds them irresistible and adorns herself with them. Obviously because she is very tiny, the objects are depicted larger than life. I had great fun deciding which objects may have been discarded by humans and would be small enough and interesting enough for a fairy to collect.

As you can see there are many items, from safety pins and paper clips to stamps and a bottle top, changed from the original wording "Dry" to read "Fey", obviously she felt it was more appropriate, in addition to many forest items such as acorns and oak leaves, she has nuts for rings and of course, last Christmas's broken 'fairy' light bulbs for earrings.Not a traditional fairy but rather a streetwise', happy-go-lucky, modern fairy.